BH Synergy Group Solutions

BH Synergy Group Solutions

BH Synergy was formed to bring the rich experience of its founders and team in the BioPharma industry in Israel and abroad to the cannabis industry. Our goal is to bring best practices in the primary functions of cultivation, extraction and marketing/branding to each of our projects. We bring decades of experience in the BioPharma industry as well as experience in design/build of cultivation and extraction facilities in Israel, Canada and the US and we are currently expanding into the European market. We understand the unique challenges present in the cannabis industry as well as where the market is headed in both medical/bio and recreational marketplaces.

Design & Buildout
We will help you develop cultivation best practices that optimize space, maximize yield and deliver consistent quality end product.
Equipment Sourcing & Fulfillment
We reduce your capital and operational expenditures by providing low cost access to all of the equipment and supplies you need to run your business. From fully integrated grow systems to basic cleaning products, we have you covered.
Branding & Marketing
From the development of effective strategies to crafting engaging content and designing amazing campaigns, we know what it takes to place your business in the spotlight.
Operational Management
Our team will share its collective knowledge and resources with you to create competitive, forward-looking cannabis business growth strategies formulated to minimize risk and maximize potential.
Cultivation Container System
The CCS cultivation system uniquely operates through plug-and-play units that facilitate an optimized cannabis cultivation environment.

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