Israel: Research finds CBD Chemotherapy to Kill Cancer Cells "from the Inside"

December 4, 2019

Allowing chemotherapy drugs directly into the cancer cells without harming healthy cells is the latest word in cancer research - there are chemotherapy drugs that are not stylized to penetrate the cancer cell program. Combining the chemotherapeutic drug with cannabidiol (CBD) to infiltrate the cancer cell and kill it from within - according to a new Israeli study conducted at the Hebrew University.

Shay Friedman

A new study from the Hebrew University published last month in the Pharmacology Frontier Journal found that chemotherapy with cannabidiol (CBD), the national ingredient for mastyl agri in the cannabis plant, should be believed that other entities while the movies were improving its efficacy and reducing its side effects.

Trials have developed a new method for injecting chemotherapeutic drugs directly into cancer cells, through such small channels as "TRP channels". In their previous studies, they have already been able to inject several different types of drugs directly into the malignant cells by this method.

The commander of the new method is significant - targeting the drug exclusively in cancer cells prevents it from damaging the healthy homes that are massive, as if significantly exposing the side-effects of the relationship and enhancing its services.

The researchers tried to use them as a method to introduce the chemotherapeutic drug doxorubicin (doxorobicin) into liver cancer cells and actually kill them from the inside. Doxorubicin is a very effective drug for the core in various cancers, but it also damages healthy homes in the body and causes serious side effects, can be a cause of heart failure.

The researchers hypothesized that the drug doxorubicin directly into the cancer cells. The way to increase TRP using the method they developed would significantly reduce the histopathological side effects and increase its units. But docsorubicin is very difficult to penetrate a way to increase TRP, and this is where the CBD comes into play.

CBD improves chemotherapy penetration into cancer cells

The researchers found that CBD has the ability to activate the TRPV2 name protein, and its elevation opens access to the TRP in the liver cancer cells, and the doxorubicin can be introduced. In other words - CBD can be injected directly into the cancer cells and only to them can get the damage to the healthy homes around.

CBD is not the only material that Google has unlocked to raise the TRP - in the past it was already discovering a substance called 2-APB that does just that. In the present study, the researchers compared the role of docorubicin in combination with CBD, as well as in combination with 2-APB, and found that administering a drug with CBD is much more effective, requiring significant doses of necrosis.

"We have shown that a combination of CBD or 2-APB that triggers TRP elevation, together with dororubicin, results in america concentrations of the dorsorbucin within cancer cells that put the resources into repressing the single dororubicin," the study notes.

"In addition, we have shown that low doses of doxorubicin in combination with 2-APB or CBD result in a significant decrease. Liver cancer cells live and their colonies compared to doxorubicin alone. Finally, we have also shown that combining doxorubicin with CBD kills far more liver cancer cells and their colonies. Compared to the combination of doverorubicin with 2-APB.

The study was led by my colleague, Professor Alexander Beinstock

"Since the test used a chemotherapy component that is already equipped with clinical use, responsible for integrating the concept office into laboratory animals, moving to the next phase of a human trial that could be shorter," Professor Hinstock said when asked how long it would take to use the new method on the patient. cancer. "It's still too early to predict, but we're hopeful we have what a reactor can do at the end of the tunnel."