Israel: Medical Cannabis Prices as of January 28th 2020

February 16, 2020

According to the old regulation, the price of medical cannabis in Israel stood at NIS 370 a month - regardless of the amount of cannabis licensed. So how much does medical cannabis cost and how much money is spent on each month?

In 2009, the medical cannabis industry was first established in Israel. Initially, cannabis raised a number of sick people in their homes with the approval of the Ministry of Health, and later also supplied some of the produce to several other patients. As the field grew and developed, the Ministry of Health decided to take action and regulate the industry.

Old set - only NIS 370

With the regulation of the industry, a uniform price was set, which all medical cannabis patients would pay. When the question came up of how much medical cannabis cost, the price was set at a random rate, by the special formula of "Double Live." HI is known as 18 in Gematria. Double 2 is 36 - and from there the price is set at NIS 360 a month. After about a year, the office decided to update the price of medical cannabis and raise it to NIS 370. It doesn't matter if the patient receives 20 grams of cannabis a month, or 200 grams of cannabis a month - the cost, NIS 370, remains the same.

New series - up to NIS 2,000 or more

Following pharmacy reform and the move to a free market format, medical cannabis prices jumped to new highs. Pricing is determined for each product individually, for example, a 10-gram bag costs between NIS 180 and NIS 390 today. Each company competes with its products as it sees fit. Cannabis companies oppose this model, as they say it will hurt them financially.

So how much does medical cannabis cost today?

After implementation of the new regulation, prices jumped to record prices, in the framework of "free market", up to NIS 2,000 and even more. The price is determined by the amount of cannabis the patient receives. , Or a vial of medical cannabis oil. Most companies charge between NIS 180 and 250 for a medical cannabis bag at a pharmacy. Some of the products of other companies come up to NIS 390 per bag.

Full Price List

Company NameProductNameSuper-PharmGreen-PharmSharm-PharmAverage
BOL PharmaOilBOL T0/C24 CELIXIR24$52.48$52.48$52.48$52.48
BOL PharmaFlowerBOL T0/C24 Flowers$55.39$55.39$55.39$55.39
BOL PharmaFlower ShreddedBOL T0/C24 G.Flowers$55.39$55.39$55.39$55.39
BOL PharmaOilBOL T1/C20 CELIXIR20$52.48$52.48$52.48$52.48
BOL PharmaFlowerBOL T1/C20 Flowers$55.39$55.39$55.39$55.39
BOL PharmaFlower ShreddedBOL T1/C20 G.Flowers$55.39$55.39$55.39$55.39
BOL PharmaOilBOL T10/C10 EQUATIR10$52.48 --$52.48$52.48
BOL PharmaFlowerBOL T10/C10 Flowers$55.39$55.39$55.39$55.39
BOL PharmaFlower ShreddedBOL T10/C10 G.Flowers$55.39$55.39$55.39$55.39
BOL PharmaFlowerBOL T10/C2 Indica Flowers$55.39$55.39$55.39$55.39
BOL PharmaFlower ShreddedBOL T10/C2 Indica G.Flowers$55.39$55.39$55.39$55.39
BOL PharmaFlowerBOL T10/C2 Sativa Flowers$55.39$55.39$55.39$55.39
BOL PharmaFlower ShreddedBOL T10/C2 Sativa G.Flowers$55.39$42.57$55.39$51.02
BOL PharmaOilBOL T10/C2 TELIXIR10$52.48$52.48 --$52.48
BOL PharmaOilBOL T10/C2 TELIXIR10 Indica$52.48$52.48$52.48$52.48
BOL PharmaOilBOL T10/C2 TELIXIR10 Sativa$52.48$52.48$52.48$52.48
BOL PharmaFlowerBOL T15/C3 Indica Flowers$55.39$55.39$55.39$55.39
BOL PharmaFlower ShreddedBOL T15/C3 Indica G.Flowers$55.39$55.39$55.39$55.39
BOL PharmaFlowerBOL T15/C3 Sativa Flowers$55.39$55.39$55.39$55.39
BOL PharmaFlower ShreddedBOL T15/C3 Sativa G.Flowers$55.39$55.39$55.39$55.39
BOL PharmaOilBOL T15/C3 TELIXIR15$52.48$52.48$52.48$52.48
BOL PharmaFlowerBOL T20/C4 Indica Flowers$55.39$55.39$55.39$55.39
BOL PharmaFlower ShreddedBOL T20/C4 Indica G.Flowers$55.39$55.39$55.39$55.39
BOL PharmaFlowerBOL T20/C4 Sativa Flowers$55.39$55.39$55.39$55.39
BOL PharmaFlower ShreddedBOL T20/C4 Sativa G.Flowers$55.39$55.39$55.39$55.39
BOL PharmaOilBOL T20/C4 TELIXIR20$52.48$52.48$52.48$52.48
BOL PharmaOilBOL T3/C15 CELIXIR15$52.48$52.48 --$52.48
BOL PharmaFlowerBOL T3/C15 Flowers$55.39$42.57$55.39$51.02
BOL PharmaFlower ShreddedBOL T3/C15 G.Flowers$55.39$55.39 --$55.39
BOL PharmaOilBOL T5/C10 CELIXIR10$52.48$52.48 --$52.48
BOL PharmaFlowerBOL T5/C10 Flowers$55.39$55.39$55.39$55.39
BOL PharmaFlower ShreddedBOL T5/C10 G.Flowers$55.39$55.39$55.39$55.39
BOL PharmaOilBOL T5/C5 EQUATIR5$52.48$52.48 --$52.48
BOL PharmaFlowerBOL T5/C5 Flowers$55.39 --$55.39$55.39
BOL PharmaFlower ShreddedBOL T5/C5 G.Flowers$55.39 -- --$55.39
BOL PharmaOilCONNEXIR T1/C20$52.48 -- --$52.48
IMCFlowerIMC Flow T10C10 PARIS$63.85 -- -- --
IMCFlowerIMC Flow T15C3ind LONDON$63.85 -- -- --
IMCFlowerIMC Flow T15C3sat DQ$63.85 -- -- --
IMCFlowerIMC Flow T20C4ind ROMA$78.43 -- -- --
IMCFlowerIMC Flow T20C4sat TLV$63.85 -- -- --
IMCOilIMC Oil T15C3 CAN$63.85 -- -- --
Syqe MedicalEvaporation CartridgeSyqe Inhaler cartridge 60$215.74 -- --$215.74
BazeletFlower ShreddedBAZELET T1/C20$56.85 -- --$56.85
BazeletRolledBAZELET T1/C20$56.85 -- --$56.85
BazeletOilBAZELET T1/C20$62.68 -- --$62.68
BazeletFlower ShreddedBAZELET T10/C10$56.85 -- --$56.85
BazeletRolledBAZELET T10/C10$56.85 -- --$56.85
BazeletOilBAZELET T10/C10$62.68 -- --$62.68
BazeletFlower ShreddedBAZELET T10/C2$56.85 -- --$56.85
BazeletRolledBAZELET T10/C2$56.85 -- --$56.85
BazeletOilBAZELET T10/C2$62.68 -- --$62.68
BazeletFlower ShreddedBAZELET T15/C3$56.85 -- --$56.85
BazeletRolledBAZELET T15/C3$56.85 -- --$56.85
BazeletOilBAZELET T15/C3$62.68 -- --$62.68
BazeletRolledBAZELET T20/C4$56.85 -- --$56.85
BazeletOilBAZELET T20/C4$62.68 -- --$62.68
BazeletFlower ShreddedBAZELET T3/C15$56.85 -- --$56.85
BazeletRolledBAZELET T3/C15$56.85 -- --$56.85
BazeletOilBAZELET T3/C15$62.68 -- --$62.68
BazeletFlower ShreddedBAZELET T5/C10$56.85 -- --$56.85
BazeletRolledBAZELET T5/C10$56.85 -- --$56.85
BazeletOilBAZELET T5/C10$62.68 -- --$62.68
BazeletFlower ShreddedBAZELET T5/C5$56.85 -- --$56.85
BazeletRolledBAZELET T5/C5$56.85 -- --$56.85
BazeletOilBAZELET T5/C5$62.68 -- --$62.68
BetterFlowerBETTER INFLOR T10/C10 IMM$75.80
BetterFlowerBETTER INFLOR T10/C2 SATI$46.65
BetterFlowerBETTER INFLOR T15/C3 ABLE$75.80
BetterFlowerBETTER INFLOR T15/C3 ACTI$104.96
BetterFlowerBETTER INFLOR T15/C3 BALA$75.80
BetterFlowerBETTER INFLOR T15/C3 COMF$75.80
BetterFlowerBETTER INFLOR T15/C3 IND$104.96
BetterFlowerBETTER INFLOR T20/C4 RELI$104.96
BetterFlowerBETTER INFLOR T20/C4 STEA$84.55
BetterFlowerBETTER INFLOR T20/C4 SUPP$113.70
BetterFlowerBETTER INFLOR T3/C15 CURE$75.80
BetterFlowerBETTER INFLOR T5/C10 EFFE$75.80
BetterOilBETTER OIL T1/C20 CURE$75.80
BetterOilBETTER OIL T1/C20 EFFECTI$75.80
BetterOilBETTER OIL T10/C10 IMMUNE$75.80
BetterOilBETTER OIL T10/C2 BUILD$46.65
BetterOilBETTER OIL T15/C3 COMFORT$46.65
BetterOilBETTER OIL T20/C4 SUPPORT$84.55
Teva AdirFlowerTEVADIR DQ T15/C3 SAT.FLO$72.89$72.89
Teva AdirFlowerTEVADIR FEDE T15/C3 SAT F$72.89
Teva AdirFlowerTEVADIR JUAN T5/C10 FLOWE$72.89
Teva AdirFlowerTEVADIR ML T15/C3 IND.FLO$72.89$72.89
Teva AdirFlowerTEVADIR MOR C15/T3 FLOWER$78.72
Teva AdirOilTEVADIR MOR T3/C15 OIL$72.89
Teva AdirFlowerTEVADIR RM T10/C10 FLOWER$78.72
Teva AdirOilTEVADIR T10/C10 OIL$78.72
Teva AdirOilTEVADIR T10/C2 OIL$72.89
Teva AdirOilTEVADIR T15/C3 OIL$72.89
CannDocFlowerT1/C20 CBD CANNDOC$56.85
CannDocFlowerT10/C2 INDICA CANNDOC$52.48
CannDocFlowerT10/C2 SATIVA CANNDOC$52.48
CannDocFlowerT15/C3 INDICA CANNDOC$56.85
CannDocFlowerT15/C3 SATIVA CANNDOC$56.85
CannDocFlowerT20/C4 INDICA CANNDOC$58.31
CannDocFlowerT20/C4 SATIVA CANNDOC$58.31
CannDocFlowerT3/C15 CBD CANNDOC$49.56
CannDocFlowerT5/C10 CBD CANNDOC$49.56
CannDocFlowerT5/C5 CANNDOC INFLOR$54.23
CannDocOilT5/C5 CANNDOC OIL$55.39
RafaOilAXIBAN SL DROPS T1/C20$76.97$78.72$76.97$77.55
RafaOilAXIBAN SL DROPS T10/C10$55.10$58.31$55.10$56.27
RafaOilAXIBAN SL DROPS T10/C2$44.02$46.65$44.02$44.90
RafaOilAXIBAN SL DROPS T15/C3$65.89$67.06$65.89$66.18
RafaOilAXIBAN SL DROPS T3/C15$65.89$67.06$65.89$66.18
RafaOilAXIBAN SL DROPS T5/C10$55.10$58.31$55.10$56.27
RafaOilAXIBAN SL DROPS T5/C5$50.44$51.02 --$50.73
SeachFlowerCanary Indica T10/C2$52.48$52.48 --$52.48
SeachFlowerCanary Indica T15/C3$53.94$46.65 --$50.44
SeachFlowerCanary Indica T20/C4$53.94$46.65 --$50.44
SeachFlowerCanary Sativa T10/C2$52.48$49.56 --$51.02
SeachFlowerCanary Sativa T15/C3$53.94$52.48 --$53.35
SeachFlowerCanary Sativa T20/C4$53.94$46.65 --$50.44
SeachOilCanary T0/C24$61.22$46.65 --$53.94
SeachFlowerCanary T0/C24$52.48$46.65 --$49.56
SeachOilCanary T1/C20$61.22$46.65 --$53.94
SeachFlowerCanary T1/C20$52.48$46.65 --$49.56
SeachOilCanary T10/C10$55.39$46.65 --$51.02
SeachFlowerCanary T10/C10$52.48$46.65 --$49.56
SeachOilCanary T10/C2$49.56$46.65 --$48.10
SeachOilCanary T15/C3$58.31$46.65 --$52.48
SeachOilCanary T20/C4$61.22$46.65 --$53.94
SeachOilCanary T3/C15$58.31$46.65 --$52.48
SeachFlowerCanary T3/C15$52.48$46.65 --$49.56
SeachOilCanary T5/C10$55.39$46.65 --$51.02
SeachFlowerCanary T5/C10$49.56$53.94 --$51.90
SeachFlowerNitzan T0/C24$58.31$58.31 --$58.31
SeachOilNitzan T0/C24$72.89 -- --$72.89
SeachFlowerNitzan T1/C20$58.31$58.31 --$58.31
SeachOilNitzan T1/C20$72.89 -- --$72.89
SeachOilNitzan T10/C10$58.31$58.31 --$58.31
SeachFlowerNitzan T10/C10$52.48$52.48 --$52.48
SeachOilNitzan T10/C2$49.56$51.02 --$50.44
SeachFlowerNitzan T10/C2 Indica$60.93$60.93 --$60.93
SeachFlowerNitzan T10/C2 Sativa$60.93$60.93 --$60.93
SeachOilNitzan T15/C3$56.85$56.85 --$56.85
SeachFlowerNitzan T15/C3 Indica$68.22$68.22 --$68.22
SeachFlowerNitzan T15/C3 Sativa$68.22$68.22 --$68.22
SeachOilNitzan T20/C4$61.22 -- --$61.22
SeachFlowerNitzan T20/C4 Indica$72.59$72.59 --$72.59
SeachFlowerNitzan T20/C4 Sativa$72.59$72.59 --$72.59
SeachFlowerNitzan T3/C15$55.39 -- --$55.39
SeachOilNitzan T3/C15$64.14 -- --$64.14
SeachOilNitzan T5/C10$58.02$58.02 --$58.02
SeachFlowerNitzan T5/C10$52.48$52.48 --$52.48
SeachFlowerNitzan T5/C5$52.48$52.48 --$52.48
SeachOilNitzan T5/C5$58.02 -- --$58.02
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