Israel: 3 Licensed Growers Submit Import License Request to the Ministry of Health

November 24, 2019


In order to be able to recognize the goods in Israel, the company must adhere to two rules: the GAP growth standard is the production count and the laboratory tests in Israel.

Will the Cannabis Medical Company be able to get the Health Ministry official to import her crops from Uganda? The undertaker's office did not disclose to the German scholarship the material it had grown in Uganda, at least until it obtained a relevant permit to prepare the goods from the German regulator.

Together (+ 3.76% 386.8), managed by Nissim Bracha, explained to the Games in Israel that she is planning a first commercial harvest of 5,000 medical cannabis seedlings on a farm in Uganda, inspired by 30 acres. This modern society was not intentional, it is aware that the law in Israel is not the establishment of medical cannabis direct sales to patients.

The Marker learned that three additional requests for import were placed on the Ministry of Health table and were pending no contact: Panaxia, its Lod plant; Bazalet Company, which holds the largest waterfall in Israel; Private led by Attorney Sagi Beno, who applied for approval to import goods into Israel.

Sales of 60,000 patients in Israel, and the new reform that led to the third books are three on cannabis products.

In order to be able to recognize goods in Israel, the importing company must adhere to two main rules: the GAP standard of production growth and laboratory tests in Israel. Proper home file size of water and air, the lab will check for pesticides in the plant. This check makes the Department of Health ascertain the quality of the water that fed the plant - an issue that may plague quite a few patients who fear water in Uganda may endanger the bars.

In practice, it seems that it will be much more difficult to convince the Ministry of Health that they comply with the Israeli or European regulation. The effort it takes to import cannabis from Uganda to Israel will be greater than that of its companies importing Europe-size material under EU rules.

Uganda does not have a mutual recognition agreement with Israel, so the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Agriculture will need to ensure that Togder grows the goods under the right conditions. Such an examination would require a party from the Ministry of Health or another body in its authority to travel to Uganda and inspect the goods before bringing them to Israel.

Nir Sosinski, the controlling shareholder, in Together: "There are two options for the material broadcaster coming from Uganda. The truth comes from the model of Israeli farms. A half-pound biopsy for a GMP approved waterfall, packed in 10 grams and trays for the final consumer. The second option is that the Ministry of Health knows the books GMP Existing and Services from Ugandan Ministry of Health I know this for the country.

"World Union Control, which also works with the ministry in Israel, has arrived in Uganda, and the support for access to GACP development. The reports on this in the past. To get to know the bunch to the country we can show the cheerleaders the relevance and testing of the lab and then import. The European standard we work on in Uganda We check the permissible air before and after flowering, we have certificates on every part of the process.