Israel: Bazelet Group Imported 650 Kg of Cannabis T20 from Portugal at 19.3% and 20.8% THC

February 14, 2020

Next week in pharmacies: "Bazelet" company with first import of overseas cannabis from the T20 category. "Ensure continuous supply of high-quality, clean cannabis," says the company's CEO. Accurate THC percentages will be displayed for the first time.

Bazelet first imported about half a ton of cannabis from Portugal last week to fill the shortage of high-quality cannabis pharmacies from the T20 category. Early next week, the new products should be available in patient pharmacies.

Bazelet's imported cannabis comes from EU-GMP standard incubators and is the first in Israel to show an accurate percentage of THC and not just the category (T20 in this case), so patients can know better what they are getting - in this case between 19.3% and 20.8% THC.

Although the Ministry of Health has promised that there will be an obligation to present an accurate quantity of active ingredients as of 1.1.20, the rest of the manufacturers are still not properly marking and the products may contain between 16% and 24% of THC in the case of T20 and a similar gap in other categories.

Cannabis, weighing 400 kilograms, was shipped to Israel by the recently acquired cannabis Portuguese company Terra Verde, acquired by the European cannabis company EMMAC (EMMAC).

Cannabis will be marketed in Israel under the Bazelet home brand, "BCANN" (BCANN), underneath which cannabis products purchased from independent growing companies in Israel and worldwide. At the same time, “Bazelet” manufactures branded products for other companies.

The new cannabis imported by the “Bazelet” company from Portugal Packed in the company plants The BCANN cannabis flower T20 / C4 of the BCANN series of Bazelet cannabis flower T20 of the BCANN series from Portugal

Meir Ariel, CEO of the Bazelet Group, said: "As a leading player in the medical cannabis industry in Israel, the Bazelet Group does everything it can to ensure a continuous supply of premium, high-quality and clean medical cannabis."

Ariel also addressed the issue of export, saying: “Israeli patients are our top priority and we will take care of the first. We will not export cannabis abroad until we resolve their plight and ensure the continuity of their treatment. ”

One of the reasons for C20's cannabis shortage, the one imported by Bazelet, is that in the past, companies released unreliable data and now, after being determined to comply with the standards, find that the same products contained less than declared - the Ministry of Health explains.

The shipment that Bazelet brought is the second to arrive in Israel from Portugal after a few years before it did so, "CannDoc", which imported 250 kg from the facilities of "Tlray". There, too late, hope to transfer Portuguese cannabis to the pharmacies soon.

Thus, a total of 650 kg of medical cannabis has been imported to Israel so far - all from Portugal, which is the largest medical cannabis exporter in Europe. Most Canadian companies, as well as Israeli companies, set up facilities in Portugal to export cannabis throughout Europe.

Source: Cannabis Magazine Israel