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BH Synergy intends to establish a first class, Israeli based seed to sale cultivation, processing, export and R&D facility complying with IMC, GAP, GMP, GLP highest standards, utilizing Israel’s existing ecosystems, to become a recognized name brand in the industry. Our leadership team has strong proven Bio Pharma experience providing us with cutting edge technology, put in place a pipeline of clinically proven medical cannabis, placing us as leaders in the industry.

The cannabis (THC and CBD) global market is expected to exceed $120 billion in 2026. The true success stories, come from seed to sale grows, well financed, high top quality cannabis products, with good service. Our R&D center in Israel, the world’s most advanced biotech R&D market, as well as our experience in the design and construction of turn-key cultivation facilities across North America, gives us access to advanced technologies including but not limited to agro, bio and medical devices for the industry.

BH Synergy is positioning itself to take a portion of the Israel and international cannabis grow and oil market. Israel with decades of research and data leads the world on medical cannabis. BH Synergy has access to clinical trials in Israel, as well as an NGO, with data from hundreds of patients with a history of medical cannabis use. This data is of extreme importance and value. With the use of AI artificial intelligence collecting research using DNA physically and mentally challenged, ailments matching that with known medical cannabis formulas will lead us to EBM composite data.

BH Synergy will JV ‘WeedWork’ with leading R&D medical institutions/hospitals to the benefit of patients, providing value, IP and wellness. BH Synergy Group Holding Company encompasses four main activities; Pick and Shovel for “Non-Touching The Plant GSP-GMP”, R&D Pipeline for “Medical Device Standards GLP-IMC”, Verticals for “Cultivation Extraction GAP-GMP”, and Distribution for “Pharma/Nutraceutical B2B-B2G”.

BH Synergy will use its rich experience in cultivation facility construction and management to construct one of the worlds most efficient and productive ‘hybrid’ cultivation facilities. BH Synergy will utilize its biotech collaboration ecosystem in order to offer products, services and technologies worldwide, taking advantage of the new Israeli legislation allowing legal distribution/export. Utilizing PO’s and relationships with industry participants we anticipate selling B2B Wholesale, B2C Retail, and B2G Government.
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